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Monday, June 6, 2011

Racing Season Begins for Justin Andre..

Member Justin Andre raced the Fun Promotions Hanson Hills Challenge Mt. Bike Race on June 4th. Andre participated in the 22 mile race and placed 10th in his respected Division.

Here's what Justin had to say about the race:

"I felt great on Lap 1, held solid position and found myself in 3rd place starting lap 2, however the 80+ degree weather and lack of hours on the bike came into play, mainly on the tougher uphill climbs..."

"Although I ended the race in 10th, I am pleased to be back in the Soul Cycle Jersey and back on the trail..."

"Life has been pretty crazy lately with work, family and training for 120 Mile Canoe Race, juggling time has its challenges.. but now the dust is off the bike and this race will be used as my "KICKSTART" to the 2011 season.."

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