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Promoting the scene, promoting the sport, and having fun . . . 
That's what we're ALL about!


Our race team is dedicated to representing you through the sport of mountain biking in Michigan and beyond. The MTB-Life Racing Team is a mountain bike team based out of Southeastern Michigan.  We spend our summers riding and racing in the state of Michigan, and the occasional trip to the Midwest.  We travel for competition and the sheer enjoyment of riding our bikes. Our traveling endeavors provide an advertising opportunity for potential sponsors with high exposure through a positive, professional organization.

In 2003, the MTB-Life Racing Team was created from the need of some local riding friends to have an organized outlet for training, racing and bicycle companionship. Over the past 10 seasons, we have found success in everything from Semi-Pro downhill racing to Endurance XC events.

In the 2007, 2008, and 2009 seasons we focused our efforts on endurance racing.  By establishing a competitive four-person 12 and 24-hour team, we created a HIGHLY visible and professional riding group in a niche section of the biking market.  We are proud to be called THREE-TIME Michigan Endurance Cup Champions were regarded as one of the best four-person teams in the state of Michigan.

To add to the endurance format, the past few seasons, we have expanded our participation in regional cross-country, team XC, time-trial, adventure and even some running races!

Thank you for taking the time to look into the MTB-Life Racing Team!

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