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Saturday, August 6, 2011

6-12 Hours of Ithaca

Almost the entire team came out to endure the hot sun and have fun racing together this year for the 6-12 Hours of Ithaca. A total of six of our eight riders raced, with one handling pictures and pit crew duties. With that setup, we decided to race three 2-person teams.  Nate and Eddie raced in elite, while Andy and Zandra teamed up to race coed in the sport category. Jordan, freshly out of a cast on his wrist teamed up with his dad, Rob to race as father/son in the sport category as well.  Nathan and Don helped in the pits and got some amazing shots.

In the end, the team had a blast and we all placed pretty well.
Nate/Eddie 3rd
Andy/Zandra 2nd
Rob/Jordan 6th

Thanks to Soul Cycles, Honest Johns, and all of our sponsors for the support.

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