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Monday, September 12, 2011

A Couple More Races

The team has been out and about a lot over this past summer.  In the last few weeks we have done two races and a large group ride with more to come in September. 

Back in August Nate, Andy, Eddie, and Rob hit the Maybury Time Trial.  This was a great event. Well run, and the course was really in great shape.  Andy hit two different classes, showing what a versatile beast he is on a bike, while the rest of the team competed in just one class each.  The results are as follows:

Andy - 10 Elite
Nate - 9 SS Open
Andy - 11 SS Open
Rob - 10 Beg Clydesdale
Eddie - 16 Expert

The team followed that up with a big group ride down in Mohican, Ohio for the "close of summer" Labor Day Weekend. A lot of riding was done and a lot of fun was had. Nate, Andy, Eddie, and Zandra had a blast hitting nearly every section of singletrack there.  Rob, on the other hand, hit some local trails and decided to sample some soil.  No problem, though. Enough steri-strips, and band-aids, and he will be back on a bike soon.

This past weekend Nate, Andy, Eddie, and Zandra also got together to hit the Addison Oaks Fall Classic. They all had a great time and rode well.  The results are as follows:

Andy - 7th
Zandra - 2nd
Nate - 12th
Eddie - 18th

Thanks again to all of our sponsors.  We appreciate all of your support.


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